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Noto AI Assistant Project is for Inbound Travelers to the Noto Peninsula!

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"Noto AI Assistant Project" has been launched to address the language barrier issue faced by inbound travelers visiting the Noto Peninsula. The project is being developed with the support of grants from Ishikawa Prefecture and is specifically tailored to the perspectives of foreign visitors to the Noto Peninsula. Travelers can conveniently access the AI assistant by scanning QR code stickers placed at roadside stations, tourist facilities and more.

Features of Noto AI assistant

Tourlist assistance:

The AI assistant provides recommendations for popular tourist spots, suggests dining options and displays maps to those locations.

Daily life

General life information such as grocery stores, pharmacies, laundry, hospitals, emergencies and more.


Reservations in Japanese can be challenging、handling restaurant and facility reservations on your behalf (coming soon)

Integration with the cloud

Delivering real-time information through the network with other API and AI services.

Your feedback will greatly assist our project!

We will use your feedback to train the AI, allowing it to provide more information and improve accuracy.

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